The case study features Hypha, a blockchain DeFi wallet. It combines a user-friendly interface with on-chain data coordination, a robust Digital ID system, and seamless interoperability for tracking and exchanging NFTs. The iterative design approach ensures an exceptional user experience while integrating blockchain technology and decentralized finance principles for secure asset management.


To understand blockchain and smart contracts, we delved into the underlying technology. We studied the principles of decentralized ledgers, consensus mechanisms, cryptographic protocols, and the execution and verification of smart contracts. This involved researching various blockchain platforms and their specific features, such as Ethereum, to grasp the technical foundations of DeFi wallets.

Created on Midjourney // Generative AI // Stable Diffusion

Created on Midjourney // Generative AI // Stable Diffusion

Simultaneously, we meticulously delved into the needs, behaviors, and preferences of DeFi wallet's heavy users and early adopters. We gained profound insights into their motivations, pain points, and usage patterns.

These meticulously identified personas are characterized by their active engagement in DeFi protocols, deep familiarity with blockchain technology, and relentless enthusiasm for exploring new financial opportunities.

The research process also involved studying existing DeFi wallets in the market. This entailed analyzing user reviews, conducting competitive analysis, and examining the strengths and weaknesses of different wallet solutions. By studying user feedback and market trends, the research team gained valuable insights into user expectations, desired features, and areas for improvement.

The research process informed the design of a DeFi wallet for heavy users and early adopters by synthesizing knowledge of blockchain technology, user personas, and existing solutions.


The ideation process of a DeFi wallet relies on collaboration between key stakeholders: the business team, CEO, CTO, researchers, and developers. Researchers provide insights into blockchain trends and future analysis, guiding the ideation process. The business team identifies market needs, while the CEO sets the vision. The CTO offers technical expertise, assessing feasibility and scalability. Developers translate ideas into tangible solutions.

This collaboration ensures alignment between user needs, technical capabilities, and business goals, leading to a successful DeFi wallet.


A robust Design System is a cornerstone for improving design and development operations. It establishes consistency, fostering a seamless user experience across products. By documenting design principles and assets, it enables efficient collaboration, faster iterations, and reduced redundancies.

After implementing the DS, we meticulously crafted a unique color palette for each product, infusing them with personality while maintaining overall consistency.




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